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Regardless of a player’s skill level or age, when kids experience improvement they will continue to participate and learn more.

Dangler Academy is designed to offer Hockey specific off- ice stickhandling and passing. It is a fundamental every hockey player must master. It allows you to develop deceptive moves and to help maintain possession of the puck at key times of competition.

Kids are instructed to perform several stickhandling movements with proper technique, repetition and rest. Executed with and without obstacles. Throughout the session kids will build their confidence while increasing speed and control in an environment that is pure hockey fun in a group setting. 

A proven success amongst various Minor Hockey associations. 

    Key learnings:

    • Touch & feel in hands
    • Sense of stick position
    • Heads up play
    • Stationary & dynamic stick handling
    • Stickhandling around obstacles/skill sticks
    • Challenges
  • Goal Setting – Player log book provided minimum 3 sessions booked

    Mandatory equipment:

  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Stick
  • Running shoes